Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Networking - Elevator Speech

Networking - Elevator Speech

Preparing an "elevator speech" is key to networking and to getting noticed and remembered when the right opportunity comes along. Suppose you attend a barbeque at your college buddies parents’ house over the summer and you know noone at the party. You can definitely go and discuss many interesting topics but never really let anyone get to know who you really are or what you’re interested in doing with your future.

An alternative is that you can use this time wisely as a networking opportunity to introduce yourself and let everyone you meet know a little bit about you. After practice, this will become much easier and will become as natural to you as discussing sports or the latest movie with friends. For example how about trying something like this:

“Hi, my name is Brad. I am currently a sophomore student attending XYZ University in Wallapallooza, Maparaza. In college I plan on majoring in business, specifically in the area of finance. This summer I did an internship with the Groundhog Hedge Fund Group and I hope to work in my college’s credit union when I return to school this fall. Ever since I can remember I have always had an interest in numbers and I feel certain that this is something I want to do in my future career. Next summer I’m hoping to get another internship learning more about how the international finanicial market operates. I also want a career working with people since I enjoy assisting others with their finances and I had a blast this year preparing a presentation as a team with a group of other students for my business management introductory course.”

Who knows? You might just land that internship for next summer wh

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