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Internship Strategies - Ways to Find an Internship

Internship Strategies - Ways to Find an Internship

Top Three Strategies for Finding an Internship

How to Find an Internship

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#1 Networking

Networking has been statistically proven to be one of the most effective job search strategies there is, so why not use it to find an internship?

Networking means letting everyone you know, including: family, friends, faculty, previous employers and teachers, social networking sites such as Facebook, that you are looking for an internship.

Visit your Career Services Office at your college to tap into their resources and suggestions on successful networking techniques.

Increase your network by contacting professionals currently working in your field of interest, such as alumni at your college.

Schedule informational interviews with your network to gather information and discuss your interests in finding an internship.

#2 Discover Internship Listings on Internship Databases or Company Websites

Visit your Career Services Office to find out more about what they have to offer. CSO’s maintain a number of databases for finding internships and can provide passwords for sites they subscribe to.

Many companies include internships on the career or employment sections of their website. Check out the career or employment section of an employers’ website to see if they do offer internships and what types of internships they offer. Many large corporations offer a variety of internships in areas, such as: finance, marketing, advertising, accounting, public relations, journalism, human resources, etc.

Select a number of different internships and be sure to follow the application instructions precisely.

Keep applying to internships of interest as you find them until you have received a definite internship offer. Students will often think that once they have applied to two or three internships they can sit back and wait until they receive an offer. The truth is that many internships are very competitive and until you hear back from an employer – don’t assume that you will be accepted. Be proactive by continuing to apply to new internships as you find them.

#3 Prospecting for Internships

Identify organizations of interest and contact them by prospecting to see if they hire interns or would consider hiring an intern to assist with important projects or carry out the day to day operations of the business.

Check the newspaper classifieds, the local Chamber of Commerce, or look through the local phone book to identify businesses of interest.

Conduct online searches to identify potential employers.

Check online job search engines to discover employers in the field and contact to see if they have internship opportunities.

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  1. The same as if we were looking for university we need to do deep search for finding internship.