Wednesday, February 29, 2012

fINDING a home/The Right to work

Are you or a loved one preparing for adulthood?

We have some great information on residential options and employment just for you! The Autism Society is offering two past issues of the Autism Advocate, the Autism Society's membership magazine. For your gift of $25 or more by March 6, we will send you the following two titles of the Autism Advocate magazine and two Autism Society puzzle ribbon magnets:

Finding a Home Advocate Cover
Finding a Home, Residential Options for Individuals on the Spectrum

Regardless of the age of your loved one on the autism spectrum, it is important to begin to think about future living options. The articles in this issue can provide some helpful suggestions and assist you in creating a vision for an individual’s future. Topics include what to look for in residential services, architectural issues to consider when designing spaces for those on the spectrum, residential options, and more.

The Right to Work, Creating Integrated Employment Outcomes

The Right to Work, includes articles about federal and state government employment efforts and success stories from companies that are taking the lead in hiring individuals with autism. Read this article by an entrepreneur in Denmark who is taking his business model global to enable the creation of one million jobs around the world for people with ASD and similar challenges.

Summer Advocate
Autism Society Awareness Magnets

We will also send you two puzzle ribbon magnets, perfect for a refrigerator, locker or your car!

Please DONATE today to receive these two issues! Thank you for supporting the Autism Society.


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