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Get Your Career Started - How to Get Started on Planning Your Career

Get Your Career Started - How to Get Started on Planning Your Career
Choose a Career

By Dawn Rosenberg McKay, Guide to Career Planning
The good thing about starting your career is that you have an endless number of choices in front of you. The bad thing about starting your career is that you have an endless number of choices in front of you. It's like being able to pick only one dish from a menu that is hundreds of pages long. Try not to be too overwhelmed. With a lot of careful planning, you can have a career you love. Use these resources to help you get your career off to a good start.

1. Choose a Career
2. Explore Occupations
3. Make a Plan
4. Get the Skills You Need

Choose a Career

To get started on your career you will first need to choose a career field in which you will eventually seek employment. Put a lot of thought into your choice of career field and you will be rewarded with a career that is both fulfilling and successful. Choosing a career field is not a simple process -- there are many steps you should take to insure the occupation you pick is the right one for you. It will be well worth it in the end.

* How to Make a Career Choice
* Self Assessment: Overview
* Identifying Your Work Values
* Personality Type and Career Choice

* Working With a Career Counselor or Other Career Development Professional
* Ten Myths About Choosing a Career
* What Do College Career Services Offices Do?

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Explore Occupations

While you may have heard about a great occupation from your friend, sister or aunt, don't take their word for it. Go out and gather your own information on any career field you are thinking about pursuing. This will involve doing lots of research as you explore a variety of different fields. Use what you learn from your research to narrow down your career choices.

* Career Exploration: Resources to Help You Explore Your Career Options
* Careers A to Z: Profiles, Quizzes, Stories and Related Occupations
* Career Quizzes: Is This the Right Career for You?
* Quiz: Should I Choose This Occupation?

Make a Plan

Once you've chosen an occupation, you have to figure out how to eventually reach your goal of working in that field. That may include taking some classes, getting a degree or finding an employer who will provide on-the-job training. Before you do anything, write a formal career action plan that includes both long-term and short-term goals.

* Career Action Plan: A Roadmap to Your Future
* How to Set Goals

Get the Skills You Need

Now it's time to move forward with your career action plan. You will need to obtain the skills and training required to work in your occupation of choice. Here are resources to help you achieve your goals.

* Graduate School or Not?
* Career Training Opportunities in the U.S. Armed Forces
* Should You Do an Internship?
* Give Yourself the Competitive Edge

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