Thursday, October 14, 2010

Asperger Center for Education and Training-A great resource for parents and students

Asperger Center for Education and Training


Our mission is to present evidence-based, practical, current information about Asperger Syndrome and 
related conditions and appropriate treatments and to develop and provide innovative services to the
community of children and adults with Asperger Syndrome and their families.

What's new at the Asperger Center for Education and Training?

Asperger Syndrome College Coaching College Coaching

The center provides trained coaches for students attending colleges in the New York City area.
An intensive course is offered that trains students, disability office staff, and interested others to provide coaching for college students with Asperger Syndrome. Graduates of this course are listed for the convenience of families seeking coaching for their college student.
For a list of coaches, Click here >

Coaching for Students with Asperger Syndrome article.

educational coaching Educational Consultation

The center provides consultation to public and private schools who need support for their students with Asperger Syndrome and related conditions. Training for groups of educational personnel and consultation regarding individual students is available.

Life Coaching New Workshops and Courses

Spectrum Services Fall Presentations
Download flyer (PDF) >
Improving Social Relatedness in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders: What Neuroscience Tells Us
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Transition to Adulthood Transition to Adulthood

See our new article on making the transition from high school to college and the work world! Click here >

Social Skills Seminar Social Skills Seminar

Please read our new article about the development of the social skills seminar. Click here >

A 12 week program designed for young adults (18 - 30 yrs.) to increase social competency. The classes meet once a week for3 hours. Our program combines classroom instruction with experential social exercises to improve generalizability.


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