Sunday, January 22, 2012

Internships- getting your "foot in the door"

From Penny Loretto, your Guide to Internships
2012 Readers' Choice Awards begin on January 18 at midnight. This is a great opportunity for you to vote on the best of the best internships and more...
Please be sure to nominate your favorites for best internships and internship sites for finding internships. Voting will begin on February 22 and winners will be announced on March 30.

Finding the Right Internship for You
Trying to find the right internship for the summer? First of all, you will have to identify what is the right internship for you. Are you looking to get experience working... Read more

Setting Goals for Finding a Summer Internship
As we enter 2012, I am just sitting down to write my personal and professional goals for the New Year. Each year I find that my personal goals are pretty... Read more

Internships Abroad
There are numerous special abroad programs that are available only to undergraduate, graduate students, and recent graduates. The best time to seek an international work experience is while you are still a student or recently graduated. When looking for an internship abroad be prepared to ...">Read more

Internship Success
Successful internships depend on many things including clear expectations of both the intern and the employer; excellent communication, interpersonal, organization, and time management skills; as well as ...Read more

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