Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to Write a Resume When I Don't Have Anything to Write?

How to Write a Resume When I Don't Have Anything to Write?

How to Write a Resume When I Don't Have Anything to Write?

By Penny Loretto, About.com Guide March 27, 2011

Each day I have students in my office in the process of applying for internships and summer jobs who are very frustrated because one of the first things an employer requires is for them to send in a resume.

What I often hear from these students is how do I write a resume when I really have nothing to write. What they often don't realize is that everything that they have done up to now is ok to put on a resume. Most employers aren't looking for students with vast amounts of professional experience and they understand that students are looking to gain the knowledge and skills that will be required when they are in the market for finding a full-time job.

If you are a first year or sophomore student you still have adequate time for building a strong professional resume prior to graduating from college. Don't overlook all of the opportunities that make for a great resume. In addition to relevant coursework and a high GPA, employers are also impressed by students who participate in co-curricular and volunteer experiences; those who possess computer, foreign language and other specialized skills; students who have participated in internships, collaborative research, service learning, study abroad, etc.

So instead of getting discouraged, focus more on your individual strengths, interests and abilities that you have gained up to now and less on previous experiences that you may believe you are lacking as a new undergrad.

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