Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quote from Education Weekly- Food for thought

"The bulk of students who start and don't finish college have chosen the wrong educational pathway," says Schneider. "We are trying to prevent that from happening in the first place."

That means encouraging high school juniors to take college math placement tests to see if they need more classes before graduation. Or trying a dual-enrollment class to get a sense of how prepared they are for college, says Schneider.

Also, Schneider says, students need to overcome the "social stigma" attached to technical schools. In Sheboygan, the high school is trying to bring in manufacturing and other businesses in the area to expose students to the demand for skilled workers in the community and boost the value of certificate and associate degrees. "We want them to realize that there is employment at the end" if they choose that alternative route, he says."


* College Completion

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