Wednesday, November 3, 2010

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Dawn Rosenberg McKay
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By Dawn Rosenberg McKay, Career Planning Guide

The Right Stuff

Tuesday October 26, 2010

"What makes a particular career "right for you?" Is it personality type? We know that people with certain personality types are better suited for some careers after all. Or maybe it's work values — the beliefs and ideas that are important to you? How much do these things even matter? Can you simply be satisfied with a career, and do well in it, if you just learn the necessary skills and have the ability to do the job? Actually, it's a combination of all these things — personality, work values, skills and abilities — that make someone well-suited for a specific career. In other words, you need all the right stuff.
How do you know if you have the right stuff to enjoy and do well in a particular career? Ahh — so glad you asked. You can take a career quiz to find out if you have the characteristics that make a career suitable for you (and you suitable for it). Remember that these quizzes aren't intended to give you a definitive answer regarding your career choice. You should always do more research before you make a final decision"

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