Sunday, August 15, 2010

Planning for college - aspie or not!

The time has come to plan for college. When is that time? Answer: it's never too early- now is better than later, tomorrow is better than never. Are you the person thinking about your college planning- Great. Are you the parent planning for your child -Great! Make sure you both get together- this is best done as a team. Students need information and support from the family; students need to have buy-in and ownership for college to work. College is where parent advocacy takes second place to student self-advocacy. Professors and college personnel must hear from the student directly. Unless the student signs a release of information form the college CANNOT communicate with the parent/family. Checks for tuition are the exception. These however do not entitle you to information. If you are ready- check back here and get some tips for this exciting transition.
Cynthia Wirth

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